ATC openings recently.

Right before I start I’m not having ago and I don’t want to argue!!! But I feel like the recent IFATC schedule has been a bit boring and me along with a lot of other people would simply like places in Italy, Spain, the big airports in America ETC. The more popular and well known airports to be open more often. Yes it’s fun exploring different places in the world and I get that some people want to do that. So instead of making all the places on the schedule different airports maybe 3-4 days a week just put KORD and EGLL and LIML in there. Then everyone is happy, because now I basically have another week where all my flying involves absolutely no ATC. What are your thoughts.

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It´s not just Pilots, ATC want to control at different airports :)
Doing EGLL and LAX gets boring for us after a day…


My main problem is having so many ‘ATC CHOICE’ airports… if I wanted to fly overnight I’ve got no idea what’s gonna be open in the morning, likewise I depart on a 3 hour flight the chances are my destination will be closed by the time I arrive!


Going to different places keeps up the variety. Yes you might like to fly into EGLL everyday now, but that gets boring for both pilots and ATC.

Plus EGLL is always far too busy and overwhelms controllers, making controlling there an unenjoyable experience.

Big airports? Do you want to like have fun? Without a schedule like this we wouldn’t have airports such as these this week:

Just because it’s big doesn’t mean it should be on the calendar every week.


I agree James I don’t want to be having to do a long haul to a small airport just for the atc, I think a main airport should be open more often.

@Aceorbit definitely open that airport tomorrow during the ATC choice, it’s Central America. PLEASE!


I don’t literally mean EGLL every week. I mean like Denver open on Tuesday then a new different place on Wednesday the Gatwick the next day and so on


Obv, this place is a bomb and has never been visited with the IFATC schedule before. Expect me workin tomorrow.


I personally like the new schedules. I’ve explored new places like Cook Islands and even discovered an island known as Niue in the process. At the end of the day, flying through mega bravos like KIAD or EDDM may be fun, but the experience of discovering a new place is like the cherry on a cake(is there even such a saying🤭).

The choice is yours my friend :)


We don’t have this scenery in if, in if it looks a lot less realistic.

We just got scenery for the entire world

Before this gets closed I’d like to note that the whole point of ATC scheduling is to feature airports that are lesser-known which in turn makes everyone explore the world a little more. It would be so boring to have EGLL and KLAX open all the time. More diversity is what we need.


I mean we don’t have a sim which looks the same as the real world

Er… the new schedule is free choice this week.

Can’t please everyone, I guess.


Toncontin is incredible, one of the airports or if not the most difficult to land in Central America, it will be impressive to fly tomorrow with IFATC in this great airport!


It’s not completely free choice it’s free choice in the regions.


Yup, that one is on my Infinite Flight bucket list 😀


I recommend you to see Toncontin’s navigation charts well and continue step by step so that you don’t have an accident … You’ll love them!

Nope. Some are never satisfied