ATC [Open] @ TNCM TS1

Hey! I’m open at TNCM - St Maarten in the Carribean on TS1 - Come along pattern work accepted. Starting now and ending - depending how much Traffic shows - maybe 20mins

I’ll be on TWR

I’ll be open for another 10 mins 🙃

You have to give traffic time to show up.

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I know - I’m still here waiting patiently 🙃

Nvm I GTG Closed…

I could come if you show up probably…

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Yeah ok. I’ll go tower now

If I might offer a suggestion, saying you are only going to be open for 20 minutes pretty much says to anyone who sees the post any more than a couple minutes after you post it it’s not worth it.


Give me 5. Wifi playing up.

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Welp, he’s gonna again. Even though the traffic showed up

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Yeah. 😕 I am very sorry about that. My iPad just ran out of battery. I am so sorry 😔

If I take off remaining in pattern, no need to clear me for left or right traffic on the option unless you’re switching.

If I’m already in the pattern, not to mention already cleared, Enter Right Base makes no sense as a command. I’m already in the pattern. I can’t enter it again.


Internet went down, but you went after 8/9 minutes?

EDIT: I see about your iPad

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Sorry. Thanks for the feedback though - highly appreciated. 🙏

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