ATC Open @ KSJC on TS2

Guys and Gals,

Ground/Tower now open at KSJC. Looking for pattern work, all a welcome.
Feedback requested.

Hope to see you there!

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Come one, come all.
KSJC is in the San Fran region.

On my way. Give me a few to get logged in.

Thanks Chris!
Need a couple more to make it interesting

good runway change/Pattern Entry

nice switch seeing i was ahead ofSouthwest

Wow my landings are horrible today. Something is up with my device. But good controlling overall. Going to do another pass.

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your landings look like @JoshFly8


instead of telling me ROGER, should have just cleared me to land that last time after i announced i was RT downwind for 30R Full Stop Overall very nice job

i am coming

nvm lol closed

Agree with Tom. Great job overall. You handled traffic nicely including where both Tom and I were left and right downwind for the same runway.

I did not get a runway exit command when I landed though. Just be sure to watch for that especially since I gave a full stop.

Yes, my apologies Chris’. Queued up , then forgot 😡.
Thank you very much for always being willing to help out! I really, really appreciate it.

No problems. It happens to me too.

Thank you Tom as well for helping out.
Just to make sure I am clear, I believe I had cleared you to land with the option. When you called in., The correct response is to re-clear to land ( no option ). Never been real clear about that.

you had not cleared me for the Option yet when i announced i was RT DW for 30R Full Stop. You said Roger, when you could have just cleared me to land. Otherwise nice job and i did get Exit Runway instruction :)

Oh, got it. My mistake, I thought I had cleared you, should have checked.
Thanks again for helping.

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Good job! I was the Southwest 737. Expect them to throw some wrenches at you during the practical, including some ground related. I failed my first because of it.

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Thank you as well for the help. Got to do some things that I hadn’t had the chance to before.

Closing shop now

Thanks again to all!

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