Atc open @ KSEA Training Server

If your ultimate goal is to join IFATC, well you can kiss it goodbye. A huge part of the testing process is pattern work!


I agree with that but if you tell them upfront…lol

I was ignored with a flight plan. Thought I found a loophole with a transition. Oh well. Onwards and upwards.


I’m going to tell you right now that this approach to ATC won’t work. By placing all these restrictions, pilots probably won’t want to fly for you and without pilots, ATC wouldn’t be real. ATC’s purpose is to serve pilots, not to play king of the hill and order them around. It won’t work. You’ll find that placing minor restrictions when needed to be a much more effective solution to help you grow as a controller. On an IFATC Practical, do you get to say that you won’t allow patternwork? No. Everyone here is volunteering their time to help you improve, make it worth their while. :)


I would be willing to bet that if you allowed pattern work, you would be busier AND you would learn ATC functions quicker

Everyone whether you being on this Infinite Flight forever or whatever your experiences and all of that everyone has their own unique person give me a break please at the end of the day it’s still a learning experience hello

Exactly. PREACH!! 👏👏


Thats the point. You are learning and we are helping you out!

I suggest that if you are ready to learn and hear feedback… You should contact a IFATC Recruiter and you will get some pointers and help on how to become IFATC material!

Hope to see you one day!



I don’t care if I stand alone this is my own Infinite Flight experience whether the community accepts it or not is irrelevant reason being everybody got knobs good bad and in between we all need to get off the high horse and just enjoy it it’s a learning experience we’re going to get over it and that’s that yeah


Also, for the sake of those who want to take advantage of KSEA’s perfect layout for pattern work, the least you could do is relocate to a less busy airport.

Go ahead mr. Congratulations to just getting into i f ATC now you got a lot to say now I’m just kidding congratulations on that though

Gentlemen, Please understand that Mr Jeodaine is very slow at learning. Remember that our forum is very diverse, there are tons of different people and not everyone will learn at a fast pace, Jeodaine please take this feedback at heart and use it, if you want to be IFATC like you dream of you really need to use this feedback, these people are trying to help you not go against you.
Also Gentlemen, I would appreciate if you kept the tone down with him, you have to be very patient with people and like I said before this forum is very diverse and has lots of different people.
Warm regards to all of you and have a great night, Chief305…


Exactly thank you everyone learns at their own pace and I said I was slow everybody moves at a different pace get over it

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And at the end of the day we are all Aviation enthusiast

I will say this this entire conversation is a learning experience for me and my slow behind

But I do realize I admit it I’m slow and still learning but everybody seems to be a know-it-all like they don’t make mistakes

I don’t believe anyone was attacking him… more of a constructive criticism thing

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Well let me not say everybody that would be an unfair statement

And I do love the passion in the aviation field so this is excellent right here

We have ATC that we love ATC we hate and ATC in the middle somewhere I just know I’m slow but I love this this is what the game and the Forum is all about learning debating and getting it right at some point