Atc open @ KSEA Training Server

I will be doing Operations Ground and Tower…BE ADVISED 34L 34C 34R are CLOSED due to current wind conditions. I will NOT have ANY aircraft take off or land on a tailwind of 23 knots gusting to 38 knots, so please don’t. ALSO ALL PATTERN WORK IS SUSPENDED and you MUST have a FLIGHT PLAN or I WILL IGNORE YOU. If wind conditions change I will adjust. Thsnk you for those who show up. PLEASE BE PATIENT. Most departures will be from RWY 16L. Arrivals may vary. As this is the TS, I WILL IGNORE ALL WHO DECIDE TO NOT FOLLOW ATC INSTRUCTIONS. Thank you

Awesome. I might come. Although just for future reference, I don’t that you need to use so much caps. It makes the message sound unwelcoming.


You are right I agree. Thank you very much


I am unclear what it is you want here.
If you open for ATC practice, then I would love to come and help. But I will be doing patterns, and I want to be allowed to request runway changes.
If you just report that you are opening and airport, then two things: (1) most pilots who will visit will not read your message, and (2) be careful you don’t push people away by enforcing flightplan, runways, etc, unless really needed. Remember and ATC is there to serve the pilots, not the other way around.


@azeeuwnl…sorry don’t like it…pilot st another airport…simple…

@Jeodanie_Smith Hi Jeodaine, I reccomend you make an ATC Tracking thread where you can have one nice orderly thread rather than have multiple topics around the community, it helps keeping things placed in one place rather than multiple.
A Great Example Of An ATC Tracking Thread ;)


True if i knew how…lol @Chief305

@Jeodanie_Smith Linked an ATC Tracking thread by another user above, check it out and maybe you can have an Idea of how to make yours.
Warm Regards Jeodaine, 305…

Thanks @Chief305…appreciate the help alot

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What is the point of practicing being a tower controller if you do not accept pattern work at an airport that isn’t even busy? Why not let people come back in that fly way out of pattern area and beyond your airspace when they are requesting to land?

Im just trying to figure out your motive of becoming an atc if you don’t plan on fulfilling the job description. If you can’t multitask a few planes, don’t do it. Pure and simple.

I ended up landing without your permission just because it was beyond noticeable that you were just getting off having a power trip. When I’m 10 miles out on approach being routed there by the approach controller and you tell me to go around to hit the same runway when I’m nowhere close, it becomes obvious what your intentions are.



This seems confusing try something simple I would recommend to KMKE

Everyone is entitled to their opinion we’re still going to be all on Infinite Flight regardless thank you for your input have a great flight

Oh by the way no pattern work means no pattern work that means you leave my airspace do not contact the approach controller to try to do pattern work and come into a pattern when there is no pattern or pattern work no power trip once again everyone is entitled to their opinion everyone’s right wrong and indifferent have a great flight

What’s the point of making an “Active ATC” post if you’re only going to allow aircraft to depart and go elsewhere, or come from elsewhere and land? If someone’s interested in making a random Point A to Point B flight, they’ll bring up the app and see which frequencies are opened.
Also, unless your airport is incredibly busy, “I don’t want to,” is not a good reason to deny pattern work.
Yeah, you can control however you want to control, but you’re simply gonna keep people away with that power trip, rather than attract them in.
Also, it’s TS1. People are going to do pattern work against your will just to irritate you sometimes. Might as well assist them. It’ll make your airport run smoother.


Once again everybody’s opinion counts everybody’s right wrong and different if y’all say I’m on the power trip that she opinion that’s fine with me all I’m trying to do is provide the best customer service that I can and I am the controller Power Trip my footsies lol

“Best customer service” typically entails the customers get what they want… 😋


When i leave the area and am outside of your airspace by 30nm. It is not pattern work at that point. Pattern work is running a pattern. Leaving the airspace, contacting approach for radar vectors to a specific runway for landing then contacting you for clearance to land. That sir, is a simulated departure and return aka training, which is obviously what you need. I tried to be accommodating, you were not. Get off your high horse bud


I had a flight plan from krnt to ktiw and asked for transition which wasn’t against any of the requirements in the OP and was told frequency changed approved when asking for it.

This is how not to become IFATC.


You continue persisting that “no pattern work” is a matter of opinion. Could you please explain the reasoning behind that opinion?


Im very scared…