ATC open at KEDW..

If anyone is interested l have ATC open on T2 for pattern practice…

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I’ll drop by now!

Great…plenty of space…no rush yet…

Good job overall, but here is a bit of feedback you should take on-board;

1.) Typically try to clear aircraft on the downwind- You didn’t clear me at all, and you cleared the other guy whilst he was on short final, which is too late really.

  1. When someone requests a runway change, don’t just give them new pattern entry instructions, but also give them a new clearance. For me the you done the former, but not the latter.

3.) Remember to sequence! There was a guy ahead of me on base, whilst I was on the downwind. At that point, you should have told me “Number 2, traffic to follow on final”

4.) Try and get into a habit of giving exit commands when you’re sure an aircraft is landing, rather than doing a touch and go.

Keep practicing though, these things come with time.


Are you reporting that person going through me?

I had a Grade 1 Idiot…to deal with…l normally do not have that problem

Well join IFATC and you then you’ll never have that problem… :)

I could not get rid of that Grade 1 idiot…l normally do not have that problem…

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Thanks for the tips…but that idiot…was saying he had a missed approach and was going around…then requested transition…when when he was still taxiing…

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If there had been one one more pilot there besides you and the citation guy…that idiot could have been reported…but l have no way of doing it from the tower… that I know of…

There was a grade 5 person for a few moments before they disappeared.

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