ATC Online/Web controlled

I was operating ATC today and thought having a web version to control ATC would be cool. You would need to link your account and subscription.
I think this would be cool because:

  1. It lets you operate on a device other than a device.
  2. One could incorporate more powerful features because it is run on a computer instead of an iPad.
  3. It could make controlling smoother.

Has anyone ever thought of this?

The developers don’t have any plans to bring Infinite Flight (or any aspect of it) to computer.

If anything it would make it less smooth - because it would be computer software trying to operate a game built for mobile - which would cause more problems than it solves. It would need to be incredibly well optimised.

i thnk there will be a lot delays due API things



Ok. Thanks. I was just wondering. It was just something that came to my mind.

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