ATC on Tuesday

What airport will be have ATC tomorrow??

Check out the schedule! :) ATC Schedule • 17-23 June 2019

Ohhh. Nevermind lol

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I guess wherever the controllers choose. I have no clue.

RCTP will be open, it is the featured airport


Ok, thank you good day xd

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I’d imagine NZAA and YSSY would be rather replete with traffic tomorrow.

It’s up to ATC… it could be any airport within that region.

It looks like it might be best to just continue the discussion in this topic:

Airports that are likely to be open include:

  • RCTP
  • YSSY
  • YMML
  • YPPH
  • YBBN
  • NZAA
  • NZWN

Most people are currently heading to Sydney, which is probably the most likely to be open. But fly out/in Melbourne, Perth or Auckland and there will likely be ATC

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If so… I’ll definately do a RCPT to YSSY long haul, operated by China airlines A350

I imagine that’ll be quite hard, seeing as we don’t have that aircraft yet ;)

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Oh well can’t do anything about it…

Just let this 773 bird fly 9 hours to the land down under :)

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