ATC on TS1

I’m currently flying a quick hop from SEA to LAX on TS1 to get a break from the Expert server that I have been for about a week now. I spawned in and immediately was being spammed to “Standy by.” I thought that he may have just an issue with the device or something like that. After pushing back. The controller told me to taxi to 34C and proceeded as told. When holding short to take off is when things got strange. I contacted the tower when holding short, which the ground controller told me to do. “Taxi to Runway 34C contact tower when ready.” So I contact the tower and he spammed me to “hold position.” Well, no one was on final and I have been holding short for about 5min now. I contact the tower again and he tells me to hold short 34C. About 3min later he finally tells me “American 1 1 0 9 Cleared for Immediate takeoff.” As on my takeoff roll, I was being spammed to “please wait before taking off.” About a good 20+ times. As I was climbing another aircraft was having the same problem I was having, being spammed too! Climbing through 10,000 feet I was continued to be spammed with “contact ground on 121.7” I am currently at FL340 and it just got done with the messages.

I understand that we can not do anything about this, but possibly having certified Expert Pilots to deal with this kind of stuff. Possibly having short-term suspensions for this. Or a feature that could let the pilots vote-kick the ATC operator and suspend him for a short time.

If you have come across a situation on TS1 before let me know @Cpt_Richard or in the comments.
And a huge heads up if you are flying out of SEA anytime soon.


One way to avoid trolly controllers IMO on TS1 is to fly in lesser known areas but still with ATC. It’s a win-win, most of the time you get more serious controllers, and you get to explore a new area!


It is of course kind of disruptive, I only fly/control on expert because of that. If you are looking to fly with capable controllers, make sure to check out #atc for their tracking threads. There is a lot of great people on there.

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@RTG113 I normally do this already on TS1. But decided to switch it up a bit. I guess that’s what I deserve. lol

I just had a post about it. they were horrendous

I was at KSEA just now and gets spammed by ‘Thank you, good day.’

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And I spammed back lol.


I usally get this a lot whenever I fly on the training server. Not necessarly at me, but at other pilots. This one stood out to me though.

Smart thinking. Should of done that. lol

i got so mad i closed the app and threw my phone across the room

NOOO did u broke your phone?

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Best thing to do (If you want ATC) is to follow ATCEG’s schedule. They are people who are professional and will do their best to give you a service you deserve. :)


Ya more often than not, this will occur. It’s best just to cope with it. I know it’s frustrating and what not, but then again…it’s TS1. You have people tapping their screens for the hell of it. It happens. Anyways, have fun and I hope all goes well in the future!

So this contollers name is ATC IF huh! Wasnt he the same guy who was spamming at KSFO the other day and someone on this forum made a report about it. I went there afterwards and got spammed with ‘Stand by’ about 1000 tomes’

Mods you should look into who this guy is!

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They are looking into it right now. There’s only so much they can do though. I really hope they can catch this troll soon, til then…fly safe😀✈️👍

I just hope they suspend him from controlling.

Yea suspension is probably the most appropriate response to such a repeating issue. However, I don’t think they should be quick to suspension. Maybe a warning, because we don’t want to scare them off of IF. Also make sure you click the reply button so I can see your message. I happened to come across this post again, luckily.

So we dont wanna scare him off IF but i had to deal with him and it made me throw my phone across the room and almost quit IF because i couldnt deal with the spam anymore. they have been reported on here multiple times for the same issues.

The irritaing thing is that this guy who is called ‘ATC IF’ doesn’t appear to be member of the forum (we haven’t found him) so we can’t talk to him in a PM to tell him to stop

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I had the same problem with that guy: