ATC on Training Server

Hey guys. I have a bit of free time so I can provide ATC on the Training Server. Send a message here if anyone needs. If I get some time I might do ATC in major airports too (Training Server). I shall inform here in advance.

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Hi there, by chance… you’re part of IFATC?

no i am not.
i applied already.
trying to get more experience too.

alright then, it’s should be okay then. When you’re reached and pass the written I’ll suggest you to get on the training program, this will sharp your knowledge at our standards. Good luck!

ohh where could i find the training program?

im right now waiting to do my MCQ theory

After you pass your written, you can request your recruiter for IFATC Training.

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ohh ok thank you.

I remeber you both at ATC. i think it was some major event and daily ATC schedule. DD

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OMDB Ground/Tower active now

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