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Honestly, what’s the point of being an ATC controller on this server if literally no one listens to you? They fly on the wrong runway. They report “unable” when I tell them not to exceed 250 knots below 10,000. If this is a training server I don’t understand why we can’t report them either. How will they learn (train) unless there are consequences?


Yeah man i feel your frustrations, i am now ignoring them. I think the devolpers created the server to introduce pilots to the rules as well as ATC beginners. Perhaps you could join the IFATC where you are dealing with serious pilots.
One problem is that there beginners who just got to Grade 2 and also who are about to get to Grade 3 (and not to forget our beloved TROLLS :), therefore there is difference in the knowhow, this also includes ATC (Pattern instructions…etc.)

But yeah it would be cool if somehow there is a report function (not so hard as the ES), so the pilots know that they are doing something wrong. Inaddition i would like to have the " Please read the user guide" function.

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Firstly, sorry to hear that you are experiencing this unfortunate circumstances with users not following your ATC instructions. Whilst it is the Training Server, it’s important to remember that some users may be new to the flight simulator and whilst it appears like they trolling, they may in-fact actually be unsure of what is required of them with certain instructions.

If you are looking to join IFATC (which I would personally highly recommend) then I recommend taking a read of this topic below:

If you are looking to practice on the Training Server which the goal to join the IFATC team in the future, then I would strongly recommend creating an ATC Tracking Thread using the guide below:

An ATC Tracking Thread is a fantastic way to announce when you are open on the Training Server and will help you gain some traffic to practice with at less popular airports around the globe rather than the usually busy KLAX, EGLL, KSFO etc. that have a tendency to attract some less knowledgeable pilots on the Training Server. Therefore, we do recommend avoiding these large “hub” like airports whilst trying to gain more experience as ATC.

In regards to the report feature, users where previously able to report others but because of abuse of this system, reporting is only limited to IFATC users whilst controlling and Supervisors, Moderators and Staff whilst flying.

Have a good day!

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@Declan i thought it is only allowed to someone, who is going through the IFATC process.

This was recently changed and updated, so anyone can create an ATC Tracking Thread that is pursuing entry into IFATC now whether they are actively in training or not. Check out the first rule below for more context:

Continuing the discussion from About ATC Category:

Have a good day!

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Oh i see, that’s nice. Thanks:)

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No worries. Glad I could help you out. I hope to see you in IFATC one day soon!

i hope so:)

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