ATC on training server

What is the point of having ATC on the training server? Most aircraft don’t follow instructions and do what they want to do. It is air traffic control. Not PTC. Pilot traffic control. You should be able to disable communications with ATC or something if pilots do not want to listen to commands.


The point is to familiarise and to try maybe test commands out, so even if there are people trolling or people not listening to you, you can still learn to use commands. some may follow you as they should others may just troll. But if you had higher goals like IFATC, then it would give some experience controlling on training server for IFATC practicals etc.


There are several topics opened about this issue. However, only option is to ignore those pilots…
You can’t do anything about it… Only thing is just to ignore, and go to smaller hubs, where almost nobody goes ;-)!

There are also people who just came from CS and don’t know anything about how to fly when an ATC command them… So yea…


What is the point? Hmm… give normal pilots a chance to control.

Try putting IFATC on the Expert server as their practise. Only 150+ aircraft to worry about :).

Give attention to smaller airports.

It is meant to be where you train. Be the good person and follow ATC. Some might troll, I do it to the best of my ability.

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I usually when it gets very busy swipe everyone to the left so they disappear off of my controller list. It makes my job easier because for the people that don’t change frequency I don’t have to see them on my screen. So anyone that’s contacts me they will show up again. Also I try my best to keep the flow of traffic even but people just don’t understand. Below is a screenshot from about 1 Hour session at LAX.


Weird that people always have problems with pilots not listening to them as an ATC. When I play as an ATC they always listen! Probably because I am a former IFATC, I am fast and know what I do. So what I try to say is, it is not always the fault of the pilots, but also look at yourself, maybe you are just not doing a good job as an ATC. (I really like controlling on the TS, especially the busier airspaces, no people complaining about ghosting etc and just having fun instead of doing as if it is your job or so. I was an IFATC for around 2 yrs)

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IFATC Requirements

Let’s hear your proposal for how people are supposed to get 500 operations if there’s no ATC on the training server.

In other words, TS is a place where people can get used to controlling before moving on to IFATC. Can you imagine if half the applicants had no experience whatsoever? The trainers would be overwhelmed, and the recruiting process would become so inefficient due to no one knowing how ATC even works.


Hello, you can always fly on casual or expert if you don’t want to interact with ATC that are in training. There’s also thousands of airports that you can explore on the training server that do not have ATC. :)


I think he is talking about the opposite.

It’s hard to tell, 50/50.

I see many of these posts. I am not about to comment on your comments as I have seen so many comments that are very like this. What I will say is please DEVS wake up and listen to the comments of those people who pay for a service @CaptEmcee. I totally agree and Devs…listen to YOUR customers. Wake up. You do such a great job in so many areas, but listen also to what your customers who pay the wages say. CHANGE IS NEEDED ON TC

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If you are looking to learn ATC, your best option is to pick an airport that is not in a popular area. Not KLAX, EGLL, etc. Then post a tracking thread in #atc for feedback. You will get a higher percentage of people willing to follow your directions.


Hmmm. Maybe the point of ATC on the training server is to train, hmmmmm.

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I agree, ts is mad

Look at mygf during hurricane dorian

I never have issues both as a controller or a pilot on TS - If you don’t like being on TS then fly on expert? The only thing we could do is maybe you have training ATC on casual and then have TS ATC controllers have x amount of operations or be approved ? But then that takes away the purpose of having casual for casual, and training for those who want to develop into expert pilots.

You have gone over to the dark side aka TS LAX

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What do you propose to improve TS? It is a subject that has been discussed many times, as well as how to improve ES which also has some issues.

Make the servers bronze, sliver and gold.
Bronze (CS) free
Sliver (TS) monthly/yearly subscription but not as much as gold.
Gold (ES) monthly/yearly subscription

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Not sure how that would improve the quality and stop trolls though? If anything it might make it worse.

One idea I have had is to use the XP as a way of flying different aircraft or controllingvat different size airfields

Example on CS all aircraft are available with no restrictions

TS when you first join you have to gain so much XP / landings flying GA, then set amount more flying region jets, then same again flying short haul jets before gaining access to the long haul.

When you get G3 then you start again on the ES with similar requirements

Similar way on the ATC you only have access to smaller C airports till you have so many operations and build up to larger airports. This will stop a brand new controller jumping straight into ALAX or JFK and getting overwhelmed.

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