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I’ve been having problems with doing ATC- I love to do approach and tower at Heathrow but a lot of people don’t listen to me like when I tell them to go around and stuff like that-and I’m not old enough for IFATC. Is there any way to report or get them to listen 😂?

Unfortunately Training Server is Training Server and there is no way to report anybody. If you want to improve your ATC skills, I recommend joining ATCEG, they are for people who are working torwards IFATC and want to drastically improve.

I believe they follow to IFATC schedule but open service on Training Server. I think @Trio helps run it and he is a great guy that can teach you a couple things as well. I would highly recommend to check them out!


Nope. Best thing to do is open a tracking thread (if you haven’t already) and practice, practice, practice until ready to apply for IFATC where you then can report users.
I’d consider seeing the below thread if you haven’t already.
Also the ATCEG may be usefull for you, quality training with pilots who listen.


I am sadly not old enough for IFATC- 1yr to young ahaha😞

Hey theres a positive to everything!
Practice hard for a year, then in one year you will blow the testers/recruiters away!

I have been through the same thing. I couldn’t join as I was ghosted for a mistake causing me to taxi through an aircraft barely :[ When I finally became IFATC, it was the best thing ever and worth the wait.

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Many of the VA’s within the IFC have an ATC group that you could be a part of and practice your skills with at least a few pilots that would pay attention to your commands on the radar screen.

Would give you opportunity to practice and hone those skills for when the time comes!


The ATC Education Group is more known to be a giant feedback machine, unfortunatly though we also have an age restriction of 14 years of age just like the IFATC. :)


Thank you! I am currently in AFKLM VA so I will speak to them:)

Ok thanks @Trio! Since you are not able to join ATCEG or IFATC, I have a great suggestion! Open your own Tracking Thread. Here is how you make one, quoted by @Trio:

Here is a good example that @Swiss188 has made.



As others have mentioned, on TS you just can’t help it. However, if you are interested, Virgin Virtual Group offer a Verbal ATC division that runs through Discord. We require you to be 13 years old as that is the requirement to have Discord, but other than that we have no other restrictions. You can apply for the Virgin Virtual Group here, and if you want to join VVGATC be sure to select ‘Yes’ on the last question.

Happy Landings!

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