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Hi everyone,

i recently joined the Infinite Flight Community, because i was looking for a good way to do some Air Traffic Controling, and with the possibility on doing that on my iPad i was very happy at first. I did some ATC-work in one of the big pc-based simulation networks, so i know the basic rules.

Unfortunately, after some sessions controlling Ground and Tower, i am disappointed with the current system. There are two major flaws i see right now, and i dont want to complain but start a discussion if there might be some changes to be done:

  1. Getting access to the expert server is solely based on the EXP that you gain when flying an aircraft. There is no EXP for controlling. Imho, one idea would be to divide ATC and Pilot EXP, that you have a chance to log into the expert server as a controller when you have enough ATC-EXP

  2. When you are still grade 1 because of doing a lot of controlling but not flying, you are not able to report people that ignore you and disbehave. In the last 30 minutes i was on EDDM Ground/Tower, three pilots logged in, rolled whereever they wanted, caused runway incursions and forced go-arounds. This could also be solved with the solution that i raised for discussions under point 1).

TLDR: divide pilot and ATC EXP to give ppl a ranking that are controlling only.


You will be able to Ghost people but that will be on the Expert Server and you will need to be a trained IFATC

The reason the current system is how it is for controlling on Expert is because the expert server is for serious pilots only. With your system, you are going to run into naive controllers.


Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately these happened in TS1 and there isn’t much that we can do to help. These are some good suggestions but you have to be a TL2 to post on the Features category.

I’ll leave you with some links to help you around here

Or if you wanna apply for expert

Enjoy your stay here

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Access to control on the expert server is limited to IFATC approved users only. Thave have to prove their knowledge through written and practical (controlling) tests. Once joined performance is monitored and if service is sub-par the user may be removed and require additional testing.

Reporting is only reserved for IFATC members on the expert server. Why? Because the training server is where people go to learn. Both ATC and PIlots alike. Reporting was enabled at one time but was abused and users suffered for it.

If you would like to control on expert I suggest reviewing the ATC recruiting thread and following the procedures in there. Note that you do need to obtain the proper trust level to be able to PM the recruiters. IFATC members are expected to be active contributators to the community and should behave in a manner that reflects their role. Participate, ask questions, give feedback and you will advance.


I can assure you that the EXP idea would not work at all in any way. EXP is not a signifier of quality at all. It is merely a sign of time mixed with other factors. A grade 4 pilot is no better than that of a grade 2 pilot the majority of the time.

Additionally, being IFATC requires training. As I said above, the idea is flawed, however this is taken further with EXP in ATC. All it would require is time, and many many people have terrible habits with controlling and require extensive training before being ready to even take the IFATC tests let alone pass.

Point 2 has been covered so much, my response to that is a simple no.


Hi all,

thanks for your feedback and opinion. Maybe i did not state my idea good enough.

I am very positive on the current system that a controler on the expert server needs to be trained and needs to pass certain tests. this is very usefull and grants a high service on ATC.

What i meant with my idea: e.g. applying to the ATC Training Programm, you need to have at least Grade 3, which means you have to fly a lot to gain that experience. What my idea was: offer another way to earn those EXP other than flying.

Dont get me wrong, i dont want to be the newbie here questioning the current system, i just wanted to raise the idea that for people who enjoy ATC but not flying on an iPAD should have a way to somehow access all the trainings and stuff without having to fly a lot.


I think that EXP from ops would be interesting

If you also want to join an ATC training program, you can always join us over at TSATC! :)

Feel free to join ATC Event Group. We practice ATC and do events. Contact @Trio

I have the feeling most people are here because they wanted to fly, it’s a very very small if any number that wish to solely control. It is infinite “flight” and flight sim is how people got here. It’s not worth changing the system when it doesn’t take much at all to make G3 as it is.

I understand what you are saying. The limit was put in place to prevent someone from downloading the app for the first time and never setting foot in a plane. ATC needs to understand what it is like from the pilot perspective and the bar needed to be set somewhere. I was in that boat, I found controlling more rewarding than flying and had to work to get my stats up before controlling. I understand the need.

Grade 3 is required for the expert server so all active IFATC are required to keep their flight stats up so they do not lose access. IFATC can and will be ghosted for not following instructions just like other pilots.

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