ATC on training server

Not criticizing just saying I seemly bad atc In expert and good atc I’m ts1. I’m both places u see good and medium but yes expert is better

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I do understand it is training server. I love your idea seen below.

And yes,

Thanks for replying!


— I think to conclude this post, there are good and bad ATC on all servers. I also do agree with @Maxmustang idea, and I think we all had some good ideas. —

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I think there are no bad controllers on expert.

@Lars: MaxSez: Find Your comment rather unfounded & naïve. On a slow day there very very good, but on a high tempo day there human, particularly, when dealing with XP Experts who’s procedures remind me of a monkey with a football. Regards.

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The problem is, even if TS1 ATC send out requests to hold position. The pilots won’t tolerate even a second of their time being wasted and rush to the runway crossing grass at 50knots so it’s better to at least direct them to a proper runway that is being used for departure. Espicially at airports like KLAX, EGLL filled with people not following directions etc.

Ts1 should be able to ghost for 1 hr

@Lars MaxSez: Better Rear tthe comment again! I was referring to High XP Pilot (Experts) & footballs…Not Controllers.

I agree, but you should be like grade 3 + because if not, I think that will be the end of infinite flight for an hour though lol.

I’m scared to even attempt flying on the Expert server 😫🙈

Just read the basic ATC tutorials and listen to all instructions. If you do something wrong accidentally just send a “I’m sorry” message and try and fix the mistake. Even in the worst case scenario you get ghosted you can always resume on Expert in 3 days and reflect on your mistake, I mean it won’t really make a difference if you don’t go on there anyways.

Best way to start is to watch the YouTube videos posted on IF’s channel by Tyler & Mark. Very informative and easy to understand.


It’s a 7-day vacation. Not a 3-day one like the grade chart shows. The devs haven’t updated the grade chart because they’ve been focused on more important things.

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