ATC on training server

What if it’s busy…

Ok guys, you answered his question. Let’s not go off-topic.

Why would experienced pilots play on the training server when they know theyre capable of flying on the expert server, especially at busier airports such as LAX,LHR,JFK,etc. Any experienced pilot with just a tad bit of common sense would know that those airports are filled with nimrods and trolls.

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Oops typo. Then there would be some exceptions , that was just an example, not a final idea.

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Some people don’t want to play on expert server but also want to make XP.

The Training Server is where new controllers practice. Unfortunately, not every controller takes it seriously and/or takes the time to learn best practices.

Complaining about it is wasted energy and is best suited to be directed at flights to gain stats to access the Expert Server if so inclined.

There are other factors that may be in play that you may not be aware of. On the expert server we reinforce the use of all available runways when possible to increase the time on the ground. However, there are situations that may warrant one runway to be used more than others. If the airport was extremely busy one could be used for departures and one for arrivals. Sure if it not the best approach, but depending on the situation it may help to lessen the load. Not saying this was the case as I was not there, but just pointing out there may be reasons.

If you you would like to do a better job, we would love to have you and our doors are open…


Exactly. Everyone starts somewhere and it takes time to realize what works best for you as you learn.

Keep up the good work @JoelJ!


I do agree on some spots with this reply, but like I said, this mainly happens at LAX, and it was an idea. If it was a final idea I would not have this in the ATC section.

HAHA back in the glory days when KNUC saw like 500 flights a day now since the update it might see one. RIP San Clemente.


MaxSez: TS-1 Controllers; Whine, Mumbel, Gripe community. Enough Already, What don’t you understand about the Term “ Training Server”! The term Training can be found in Webster’, Google is you friend. Let me suggest this solution which I’ve often stated here: Control Access to this function. “Require a Forum Account for Access (sign in)”. All those transients, vagabond, wannabes and escapees from Facebook etc. steer the pot. Control the feature, they may not come, So What, there not paying there way, there SQUATTER, DISRUPTERS, most are DUMB AS DIRT!

Yep, trolls everywhere on TS1. I was on approach for KJFK, so I contact the tower to get clearance for landing. 3 or 4 times, he told me “you’re in an active air space, contact tower on blah blah blah”. Every time he did that I just requested landing again until he finally gave me clearance on final.

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Not sure abt that I’ve seen some bad act on expert

Expert server ATC are professionals that are trained unlike training server. If you disagree with this, then feel to contact the ATC community manager, Tyler Shelton, or an ATC Moderator to voice your complaints!

Not criticizing just saying I seemly bad atc In expert and good atc I’m ts1. I’m both places u see good and medium but yes expert is better

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I do understand it is training server. I love your idea seen below.

And yes,

Thanks for replying!


— I think to conclude this post, there are good and bad ATC on all servers. I also do agree with @Maxmustang idea, and I think we all had some good ideas. —

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I think there are no bad controllers on expert.

@Lars: MaxSez: Find Your comment rather unfounded & naïve. On a slow day there very very good, but on a high tempo day there human, particularly, when dealing with XP Experts who’s procedures remind me of a monkey with a football. Regards.

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The problem is, even if TS1 ATC send out requests to hold position. The pilots won’t tolerate even a second of their time being wasted and rush to the runway crossing grass at 50knots so it’s better to at least direct them to a proper runway that is being used for departure. Espicially at airports like KLAX, EGLL filled with people not following directions etc.

Ts1 should be able to ghost for 1 hr