ATC on Training Server 1

I’m wondering how is possible that on Training Server right now at KNUC the ATC keeps sending flights to runway 6 which is inactive due to wind conditions.

I’m asking for runway 24 but nothing, he keeps replying to taxi to 6!

I understand is training for everyone but I guess read the tutorials first maybe before doing ATC?! :)

It’s the training server so you should expect to have inexperienced ATC and whatnot. If you want to fly with experienced ATC, you should fly on the expert server.


@larryb I feel ya bud, I’ll never understand why they do what they do on TS. May be trolls, either way it’s craziness.

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Depends on wind. If it’s 4kts then nothing wrong.

Also sometimes they may of started with 06 while it was green, then metal changed in favour of 24. But it can be extremely difficult to switch runways without being able to talk to your APPR controller or even not having one. If you have a ridiculous amount of inbounds to an airport ( which knuc normally has) then you have a hard time switching.

Also don’t be the person you keeps asking for a different runway, it gets annoying quick.


Go to the assigned runway, no matter what the wind conditions are

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It’s the training server… Don’t expect big things

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