ATC on training is annoying

Man I hope I pass that practical, I cannot stand those trolls or people that are just unprofessional!

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Yes I agree @JetWig

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I definitely agree with you. I think devs should improve the training server with some new rules and violations. Grade 3 is completely on a different level in comparison to grade 2. I dont understand why its called training server. The only thing that i learnt on training server was to STAY under 250 knots under 10000ft and thats it. I hope grade 2 gets better so that atc and IF pilots can actually learn and also they dont mess up when they reach grade 3.

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Hey! Sorry to hear you had this experience in the game.

The Training Server can definitely be rather tiresome, especially when trolls walk all over a session where you’re trying to control properly.

Might I suggest opening up an ATC Tracking Thread on the forum? That way, you can invite members of the community to fly whenever you open up airports, and they can even give you feedback when you’re done. It’s a great way to build ATC operations and practice for the IFATC practical.

If you’re not sure how to go about it, here’s an excellent tutorial on how to create a tracking thread of your very own:

Pro tip: open up smaller airports - you’ll definitely want to avoid airports like KLAX, KJFK, EGLL, KSFO etc., or even any major 3D airports, where you’ll be susceptible to trolls. Invite community members to come fly at those smaller airports while you’re controlling. I’m sure your experience on the Training Server will be much better once that happens!

Another pro tip: try and find airports with parallel runways, since they’re very good for practicing pattern work/local controlling, which is what you’ll primarily be tested on in the practical.

Good luck, and hope to see you in IFATC soon!


What you could do is open up an ATC tracking thread and open the smaller airports that don’t get as much traffic and then experienced pilots from the community can stop by and give a realistic experience!

Also, I forgot to mention.

The best method for practicing for the practical, and having the best chance at passing it, if you’re already in the IFATC recruiting process, is to request training from an IFATC Trainer. You can contact your IFATC Recruiter to request training, if you meet all the requirements as stated below:

Please note though - you have to already be in the IFATC recruitment process and have passed your written exam for this to be considered.

that’s one of the reason that I’m studying hard to becoming an IFATC


Can this topic be closed please

Sadly we get this a lot on ES, but you’re ifatc now so you know that 😂

Maybe it’s me, but there is an issue here. There’s two remaining in the patterns, one where you fly the lot and one where you fly part of it to depart and leave at the appropriate point. I’ve done the latter VFR with human ATC and seen IF pilots clearly doing that. Maybe pilots need to be able to say “remaining in the pattern, departing north” which is simple to implement

There are a lot of irregularities when you compare IFATC to real word ATC, the current UI and commands that we have gives us a lot of commands however sometimes it can seem like we are short on commands. Real world ATC have so many resources available for you to do that.

In IF all pilots have to do to replicate this is request takeoff renaming in the pattern, once they get cleared they can fly the pattern, and once they get to the respective point that they want to depart the airspace they can request departure to the north, east, south, or west. However us IFATC love efficiency and when a pilot calls ready for takeoff renaming in the pattern and we clear them and give them a pattern direction but they depart the airspace it can mess up the traffic flow and be very upsetting for us, however everyone makes mistakes so we just have to be patient.

Cheers 🍻

Just treat the aircraft like they are NORDO, unable to communicate, if they don’t follow your instructions and try to work around them. Don’t let the minority ruin your session.

Well, yes. But it’s not actually a mistake. It’s IF that’s wrong. It often has to be wrong because they don’t want open ATC, so it’s limited to a menu tree, but this is a straightforward clarification.

From a coding perspective this is fairly trivial ; the departing north/south/east/west is already part of the ATC menu under take off, so they just have to replicate that under takeoff/remaining in pattern with a send option if they just want to actually fly patterns.

Your wish has been approved

Disagree. IFATC controllers go through rigorous training and practice, and have a lot of standards to meet, that’s why they can issue violations, and even then, only use them as a last resort.

It’ll be all too easy for someone to just pop in, issue a violation and pop right back out. Also, a side note - level 1 violations are system-issued, not ATC-issued.

The Training Server exists for that same reason - training. If you’re not already an IFATC-in-training, you’re encouraged to open up smaller airports and create a tracking thread to invite people, if you want to practice or build up operations, and also stay away from the big hubs. You’ll get a better crowd that way.

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Er…no. More servers = more costs = increased subscription price.

To be honest, this is completely redundant. There are plenty of people who are Grade 3 or Grade 4 qualified who may still not know a single thing that they’re doing when it comes to controlling on the expert server (I’ll give you an example, I was Grade 5 before I joined IFATC and I didn’t know a single thing I was doing at that point), and giving them the permission to issue violations is really only a way in for people to abuse the system.

IFATC controllers go through practice and tests non stop until they know exactly what they’re doing. Not to mention, controllers only use reports as a last resort intervention, as a good controller may know when to issue a report, but a great controller is one that shows self-restraint, only uses it sparingly and with a justifiable manner.


Ya true that. In the back of my mind, I was thinking it’s not the best idea.

I deleted the message, it wasn’t a good idea for the game anyway.

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