ATC on training is annoying

This is exactly why I’m applying for IFATC, dreamjet begins taxi without cleareance. Waiting for him to ask for taxi, doesn’t ask. I clear him without him demanding it. He ask for change frequency, I tell him already instructed, and he redemands change frequency, I tell him avoid duplicate messages and clear for change frequency. Then he requests takeoff in sequence remaining in the pattern and the departs to the north!🤦‍♂️


That’s just how training & casual server are unfortunately. 9/10 it’s not them being a troll it’s just they don’t understand so take that into account aswell.

Good luck joining IFATC hope to see you there soon!


Thank you, I just passed the written today, hopefully will pass the practical soon


Awesome congrats one step closer!!

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In the end of the day, training server is “training” so people are trying to learn different things and experiment. Your not wrong and as an IFATC, I can remember when I wasn’t it would get fairly frustrating when controlling at Heathrow. So I understand your annoyance but unfortunately, you and everyone else will have to get used to it. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Good luck!

I know that, but at this point, being grade 2, you should know that you have to request taxi before taxiing


Just join the better side and you won’t regret. It’s some kind of pain reliever ;). Best of luck for your test!


Thank you!

You will be amazed how good it is when controlling on expert. Everyone (most people) do what you say! I remember when I joined, it was great.

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Yes I think there annoying because they have no training and not train like any ATC like expert server
If you need help with IFATC training just contact Taylor

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I can just say: YES!

Im also controlling at Trainings Server a lot and there is a BIG PROBLEM with the ATC.
I even wanted to make a huge topic just about that yesterday.

There is no structure- Its not a traings server and people cant really learn there.

Everyone can be a ATC there thats already a problem.

Every unknown ATC can send people instructions which dont make sense. The ATC thinks it is right or the ATC is trolling and the new players can not learn from it.

I heared so often from other players, that they use the training server to troll and just to have some fun but that is also a BIG problem again. Its also kinda disrespectful against the new player or the ATC, which is trying to take it surious.

There need to be a structure that people can really train and learn there.

As I got Grade 3 and on the expert server, I then first learned how to really communicate with the ATC. The Trainings Server didn’t help me. It just made me think that some instructions are right, which dont make any sense.

Also not every player did read the User guide :/

I hope you can understand what I mean.



I totally agree with you! Training server is called training for a reason. But that guy didn’t even understand English! I told him already instructed to change frequency and the guy requested change frequency again?

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I just can’t wait for this guy to reach grade three, fly to an ATC controlled airport, and face the harsh reality of a level 3 vio.

All the best for your IFATC journey!


I was doing a Flight in the A330 and I was going to ask for pushback and he called your can pushback and I was not ready to pushback I was making my FPL



Lol that’s annoying

So now get in a mind of a new player.

He thinks:

Oh yeah ^^ I have my pushback clearance already and i can pushback when ever i want : )

This ATC then just changed his knowledge in Infinite flight.


I would have learned to do ATC First then I would ATC from there

I would use this and read it all of you