ATC on the Training Server

Hello, I’m going to be ATC on the training server all day today. Currently, I am tower at JFK. If there is anyone on the training server who would like me to be ATC for them just tell me the airport and I will most likely go to that airport for the time being. Also if there is anyone in IFATC who wants to fly in the pattern or something and would like to give me any tips, I’m open to that as well. Thank you!

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Hey there mate,

That’s a cool journey you’re starting here! Happy to hear that, i’m actually IFATC Specialist and also in my radar training to become Officer. If you’ve any question regarding the ATC do not hesitate to dm me ;)

Also, do not hesitate to ping me once you’re opening and will try to pass by then can say what you can improve and also for sure what is good.

I wish you a great day,


I’ll spawn at JFK now ;)

Roger that thank you very much

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Np mate, you’ve closed ground ?

I was never ground, I can go to both now.

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That could be great! As you prefer ;)

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Hey there, and welcome to the ATC side of Infinite Flight.

Before you begin, I would highly recommend you post these ATC updates in a tracking thread which you can make with this post as a guide.

Below is also my tracking thread which you can always copy if you wish, just changing the details to suit your sessions.

Making a thread like that would help you with consolidating all feedback, as well as being able to re-use the thread if you wish to open up again for another session.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to shoot me a message, I’ll try to respond in as swift a manner as possible.


my bad i should have switched what I said

I should’ve said to enter downwind first then clear you for the option

I messed up a little bit, my bad.

Don’t worry mate, i’ve sent you a pm with my feedback!

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