ATC on Multiple Devices [Controllers]

This is a question for those of you who are interested the controller part of the simulator:
Do you guys have access to multiple devices? And would you be interested in having ATC work with multiple devices?

I’m asking because I’d like to experiment something with multiple devices, to have one with a full screen map, and another with the ATC call options.

Give me your thoughts…


That is a really good idea sir. I would love to have the map say on my s5 or iPad and the call options on my s4. I hope you can make it on both iOS and Android :D

Yeah. Seems like a great idea. I have an iPhone 5S, iPad 4th gen and a PC. It’d be cool to see some PC support too.

Are we sticking to mobile devices here? Or could another device be considered a computer? (Mac)

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It’s a great idea.
If radar screen and strip bay/instruction menu can be split, it might be nice , too.

Sounds like a worthy test. I am happy to help. I do have multiple devices. It would be great if the PC could be one of them, but I also have an iPad Air and an iPhone 6+.

I use the phone now to communicate with other controllers using FB Messenger as we have discussed before.


I would like to give it a shot, I have an IPad 3 and a IPhone 5C

Sure, I would like to test that on my iphone 6 plus and ipad air! The iPad can track the plane landing while my iphone can ensure the other plane is holding short at the runway.

Perfect. iPad + iPhone 5s

I would definitely be interested Matt!😊

Definitely interested! I have an iPhone, iPad (in a few months), and a MacBook Pro (early 2011). I wish there was a computer version of ATC!


maybe there is…BWAHAHAHA…ahem.

I’m down, Android and IPad

Yes. Have iPad and iPad air also iPhone 5. Great idea.

That’s a great idea. I have a couple iPhones and iPads and would love to try it out!

Great idea! For my part, I would love having the map on my MacBook and the operations menu on the iPad. Would make it much easier ;)

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Definitely interested Matt.

I love the idea, and use my secondary device as the tower observer so it be great to see how you integrate this

I’d love to give it a shot on an iPad and an iPhone. Definitely would allow us to see the map more clearly while we send calls.

Interested, But I am more interested in a Mac display. Manipulating workflows on a MacBook screen with a mouse would be great. My iPad is better at using the map though.