my question is how come when ATC is featured at a particular airport most time only tower and ground is enabled?.. on the expert server i feel that which ever airport ATC is at ground tower departure center approach atis… etc. should be available at all times. this would help in IF being much more realistic

That happens late at night.That usually doesnt happen during the day.They cant stay open all day as they have other things to do

It is an ideal situation to have all stations opened at featured airports; rarely IFATC doesn’t have all stations opened at peak hours. They are already doing quite a wonderful job with what they do and having 5 stations opened all day can sometimes be a struggle. Hope this helps!!

We are a voluntary organization, and we open whenever we can. We can never guarantee if a featured airport will have active ATC, so in my opinion, I think if you have any frequency at your airport, you should feel lucky.

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As mentioned, controllers that are available to staff an airport are limited at any time of the day. Approach controller, when available, would only open if we see many inbounds. When quiet, we prefer he/she opens a new airport.

In principle I agree with you view on realism. But we don’t have the controllers nor the volume of traffic to always have a radar controller present.


We need artificial intelligent bot direct aircraft’s on STAR when approach not available.

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not to take away from the hard working staff in the IF community and other departments… maybe it could be somthing to look into for the future. communicating with atc for me is always exciting

Maybe it’s time for you join the team 😉

Here is the link to join 🙂

i would like to i tried contacting someone to join but was unsuccessful… maybe you can assist me in that

Contact a recruiter listed in the topic and follow the steps given.👍@azeeuwnl isnt a recruiter btw

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ok i will just now

We need artificial intelligent bot direct aircraft’s on STAR when approach not available.

Sounds like a good #features post!

I’m not sure I would get vote on this features. :)
Stars data already available, someone have to write algorithm to direct them to stars and space out aircrafts, someone good with google tensor flow could do this job. I can only think of an idea, too bad ;)

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