Atc On Guard Limit

A controller should not able to send On Guard messages if a plane is not in their airspace. So if a plane is at certain altitude above an controllers air space and more than 50nm away from the airport the controller should not be able to send a On Guard messages. Because a lot of people are getting spammed and they cannot tune in in to the frequency and controllers keep spamming us with on guard messages out side the airspace.

Good idea. That would definitely be helpful on Training Server.

But I think it would be easier to add like a visual border of your airspace to the map. That’d be already sufficient, I guess.


Yea but they will probably still spam you. So it would probably be better for them not to have to option till they are in your airspace.

Definitely needed for the training server controllers.

Make sure to vote for your own request! (:


Are you asking for an on guard limit or an on guard alititude restriction? Or both.

A limit would be nice. But I’m mainly saying altitude and distance.


That would be a bit unrealistic. The thing is, on a real aviation chart, a similar circle would appear around a airport just like in IF.

Expert server currently has a limitation which is called Tyler’s foot.

Training, people are there to learn on both sides of the radio. M’eh.


There is already a set standard to when ATC should be able to be in range. For approach, under 18,000ft and 50nm. For tower it’s within 25nm

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Yes that maybe so but it’s not stopping people from spamming people out side the airspace with on guard messages and they can’t tune in making it more aggravating .

Yes but how will they learn if there is nothing saying the airplane is too far out for them to contact them?

I kid but it is true, it would be nice if there was some sort of limitation built in.


I think the ATC should be able to tap on the plane and see what frequency it’s on and for the aircraft on the ground it should just not have the option to do that because just about an hour ago I was at JFK and departure sent me one while I was taxiing oh and because some air traffic controller‘s are just flat out trolls why on earth are you able to send in on guard message to someone on your own frequency?
As for the NorCal and SoCal System where there can be multiple air traffic controlers for approach/departure it should behave like one frequency with any of the active controllers can answer a call in the reason I’m doing this is because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been talking to approach usually for LAX or SFO and another approach ongaurds me oh yeah and there should be a way for the different frequencies to communicate with each other because I hate controlling a tower and ground and approach all sending planes to the same runway Especially at LAX where the line gets so long

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And you are also referencing the infamous Training Server

Don’t sound so surprised 😲

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You’ve posted on my topic explaining why I have to be in that server in first place and the thing is I feel like there should be some sort of system that can accounts for a drop in violations because I was really bad in my first week or two and then I got better and I’ve gotten possibly four violations since then so I feel like there should be a system that accounts for that somehow like a system that instead of doing violations over period of time in real life it should do them based off of violations per flight hour and say look at the average of your last 10 flight hours You know what I mean

There is.

The more you land without violations, the better your ratio gets.

The further you are away from your violations, the closer they are to not counting against your ratio.

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This would be good, mainly for ground atc on Training Server. When I fly on TS, occasionally there will be that one ground atc that will see me and send an on guard even when im flying at 36,000 ft.

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I would love to vote, but you will have to make your message more clear. If it’s just an altitude restriction then you have my vote.

What’s wrong with my message?

The original post needs to be more specific, meaning expand upon what you said.

Also you can click the pencil under your message to edit it, you don’t need to delete it.

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