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Good day to everyone. Just downloaded infinite flight a couple weeks back and it’s been great. I do not have any aviation experience and really in the last 30 or so years have had no interest but it’s opened my eyes and has made me very interested in aviation to the point of reading multiple books such as stick and rudder etc. I learned a lot so far from this forum also so thank you all.

My question is, on expert server… there’s only 1 or two airports with atc? I saw the schedule and that’s it? Is it just a shortage or intended to be that way? I’m looking forward to playing more and maybe seeing some of you in the sky. Maybe eventually the sky IRL. My display name is premier1flight.


Sorry if this is in wrong section. General is general though. Lol

Keep in mind controlling on the ES is voluntary. IFATC have their lives too, and not all can open at an allotted time.


ATC is still based on what controllers are available and if they want to open one of the featured airports


It isn’t always guaranteed, it’s likely that they will be active at the bigger airports FYI. Welcome to the forum, and I’m glad you are happy here!


Chances are, if the featured region was expanded or if we’re given ATC choice, it’s likely that all the major global hubs will end up being opened in order to accommodate traffic. As you might imagine, it’s not very entertaining to stare at a screen for an hour when you only have 2 planes in total that visit your airfield.

Smaller regions are nice (IMO) because it allows for a concentration of traffic, meaning that you can experience a busy hub as well as a peaceful airport at the same time. As far as I know, there’s no plans to change what we currently have, but it seems to me that most people are quite satisfied with the current system.

Welcome to the community, and enjoy the simulator!


Ok right completely understand every point there I guess I just assumed it would be the same or greater than what’s on the casual server but I also know casual atc doesn’t go through whatever the admins do to verify their expert status and accuracy within the game. Live ATC is so much more fun. Lol

Edit: meant training Server/atc

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There’s only so many IFATC and opening an airport is a ton of work. So hats off to them.


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