ATC on expert

Hi I was wondering what stats and things you required to qualify to ATC on expert?

You must be a member of the IFATC which requires a practical and written test

Ok thanks I did wonder but I wasn’t sure

Yea, all you have to do is take two tests

Hey there, @Tomjet073.

Please use the thread provided below to help you with information regarding IFATC.


Thanks @Niccckk


That’s false. You have to train on the Training server for a while as well. That’s why you see all the “______’s ATC Tracking Thread”. They’re training to become IFATC. There’s more than just two tests.


Sorry, I forgot about that…

You do not necessarily have to train on the training server if you already have the minimum operations for recruitment. It will help you with the practical, but isn’t necessarily a requirement.


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