ATC on expert

hello everyone! Can somebody go for some minutes on active ATC in ESSA on expert? because Im arriving in some minutes and I wold like ATC!
Thank you all, Luka

Hi there unfortunately that cannot be accomplished,
IFATC have scheduled airports they are only allowed to control.
Maybe try looking at the schedule ?


You can’t really specifically request ATC to be active at a certain airport on Expert.

They’ll come online when they are able to. I understand that you would like to have have ATC upon approach but it is inevitable that they aren’t there right now.

Basically, they’ll be active whenever they have time/are able to…


oh thanks didnt knew that

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But we always learn something new so thanks a lot for that answers


The airport was staffed for many hours. An IFATC will open when they are able to, and cannot be requested. Sorry!


You can’t request IFATC’s to open an airport you are inbound to. Imagine if everyone made a topic requesting an airport to be opened. Someone might eventually open this airport. You can apply for FATC today and help us on this amazing effort!