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Hi guys. Hope you good. I was wondering why the ATC locations/regions on the expert sever changes each day. Like it’s never in the same place. Today there’d be ATC on London Heathrow but the next it could be in Honolulu. Does anyone know why this is? Thanks!

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This is to see different continents and countries, also that allows us (pilots) to explore new destinations and it needs to change because is kinda bored to fly every single time to the same place, where we have a lot to explore, and most importantly we can try liverys on the game that we haven’t tried.

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Additionally you could have a look at this blog post on the ATC Schedule. It will most likely answer your questions: ATC Schedule Management | Infinite Flight


Hey mate!

Expert ATC Group (As know as IFATC) will open ATC Frequencies on ATC Schedule made by our Community ATC Manager @Tyler_Shelton, he made it every week and pilots/ATC will be active in the specific region. This week’s schedule is below, you can find it on the top of the Forum because a global pin or find it in #atc category.

Want to know how Tyler make it? Read blog post by Tyler here!

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Thanks mate!!!

Thanks bro. Yeah you’re right. I’ve always wondered

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No worries mate. Thank you!

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