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Hello there I’d like to ask I was on the left base for a full stop and then a take off on the runway, should the ATC controller say cleared for the option or clear to land?


Could you be a little more clear as to what the situation was please?

In this circ, you want to request touch and go. If you declare full stop and slow down to near stop, you will most likely get instructed to exit the runway as this is to indicate a complete landing.

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If a pilot reports ‘full stop’ with a knowledge of ATC, that usually means they are going to land. Clearing them for the option gives them either permission to touch and go, or land, so it is always better to choose this decision.

Thats called stop and go

Techinaly you are allowed for do it, just ask inbound for touch and goes

I wanted to land and so stop on the runway reset my flaps and take of again

That would be cleared for the option, but just be aware of traffic :)

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Isn’t a full stop before taking off?

Unfortunately there is no way to let the controller know you are doing this, just ask for a toch and goes and he/she would clear you to the option.

Note that this procedure is not very common when dealing with inbounds and local flyings

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You could report ‘left base, touch and go’ although with active ATC it’s better to keep quiet if you’re already cleared, and as long as there’s no traffic, they can get a little confused and may give to you the exit runway command, but a stop and go is perfectly fine.

This is called a stop-and-go, it is completely fine. An option clearance can be given for a touch-and-go, stop-and-go, low pass, or missed approach.


Okay then I was wrong thank everyone

I took off and was cleared for option and wanted to perform stop and go. When I stopped I was asked to exit runway. I just followed instructions and then asked to Taxi back to runway. It would be nice if before you are cleared for option the controller would ask for your intentions.

Change your callsign to STOPNGO lol. Then we’ll know


If you’re cleared for the option, it’s totally fine to takeoff after you’re told to exit. The option clears you to preform a touch and go, stop and go, or low pass. While most controllers are accustomed to touch and go’s, exit instructions don’t override clearances.


cleared for the option means touch and go, landing, lowpass over the runway as you’re cleared for the option to do all

Thank you very much for that response! huge help.

Happy to help! Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any other questions!

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