ATC on expert server

I’m on my way to the airport SBRJ I call inbound for landing but it tells me my plane is too large for the airport while I was in 737-800 and that when I look in the airport there are plenty of 737-800 with the same livery

Perhaps once you finish your flight PM the controller. Also, they might of made a mistake.


I agree with @Ondrej on this one; it appears the controller may be making a mistake here. I recommend to divert for now and discuss it with him later.

I have sent the controller a link to this thread. He will contact you.

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@azeeuwnl MaxSez: I note a passel of non-IFATC’s now active as Controllers on Expert and more Ghosts for apparent bad calls. I “assume” Their vetted, tested and certified? I question there authority to Ghost unless they have completed IFATC training/ and officially designation as IFATC’s.
Just Sayin, Max

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The certification process for IFATC has not changed.

All controllers are kept up to standards.

The ability to ghost is not given to those who are not IFATC. Those who are IFATC have passed all the standard certifications.

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Yes I watched a majority of people not able to land or takeoff the 737 from the airport which made me question if it was too large. It was just a mistake as later on I allowed them there. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.