ATC on expert server

Just a general question why whenever I seem to go onto IF to do a flight on expert there is no atc operating. Is there just specific times that atc is on or is there just no atc people

If we want to maintain realism in the sim we need to do something about not having any atc available 😡😡

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Whenever is a relative term :)

If you’re referring to around this time of the day, it’s usually the most quiet hours on the servers. It’s quite simple as that. There’s a lot of controllers who are active throughout the day at different times. But right now is usually a pretty quiet time.


There is an ATC schedule for the Expert Server at the top of the forum each week with featured airports for each day - if you want ATC you need to go to the featured airports - however they won’t always have ATC since IFATC is a voluntary service.

Peak ATC times are 1700Z-2300Z especially on Fridays/Saturdays.


Hi. The thing is, we are all people. We aren’t available to control 24/7, some of us can’t even fit in more than two hours a month… The reason this time of the day is quiet is because those in the States are usually asleep or just waking up, and those in Europe se at work / school. Unfortunately we do not have many controllers living in Asia, so that’s why this time of the day sees the least attention.



If you would like to contribute to the ATC effort then you should apply for IFATC. Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

Also, if you’re looking for current open ATC Stations so you can go to where they are controlling, check out, very helpful site made by @DenverChris.

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Judging by the time you started this thread, it was after midnight in much of the Western Hemisphere, and very early morning in Europe.

It stands to reason that many controllers would be either sleeping or perhaps preparing for work or school.

It’s obviously noon somewhere on Earth at that time, but not where most of the controllers live.

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Our IFATC peeps have lives too and not just gonna focus on IF all the time