Atc on expert server

This week on Thursday, I tuned to Juliana approach, and the atc before I even said anything jut turned me in the wrong direction. I was supposed to be (if I was following my flight plan) hdg80, he turned me hdg360.
I did so, I should have just said unable, but then I requested my approach and he ghosted me!
wtf?!? He turned me in the wrong direction!
Why did he do this, please tell me.

Please DM the controller who ghosted you.

Do you know who it was?

He was trying to put you in the Approach line.PM the controller so you guys can discuss it

I didn’t get his username. I just rage quit.

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Check your logbook

Ok. But my flight plane and my plane already was on the line.

That’s why you should PM the controller and discuss what happened.

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It says [IFAE-IFATC Julius]

Contact @Julius97

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Side note: The controller can’t see your flight plan. Once you enter their controlled airspace, it is their job to get you down to the runway without interfering with other planes. Doing so does not mean they will follow your flight plan


@Julius97 contact him

Damn @IF_Aviation1 bet me 😂

I was long ways like maybe 64nm away from airport ON the runway line

Again, please contact @Julius97


This is incorrect. The controller can see your filed flight plan. Juliana is typically a busy airport and an immediate heading correction means there is a flow going and you were being moved to follow that flow. When you approach an airport with ATC you should follow ATC instructions. Their instructions will always trump your plan.

You are welcome to PM the controller as indicated above to find out more information.

Since there was a ghost involved I will close this so it can be handled via PM following our normal ghosting inquiry process.