ATC on Expert server vs training

Good morning, I have been flying on here for a while now and never really noticed this till recently, I would seriously like to know why there is so much difference between the amount of ATC on expert as opposed to training server. I like to fly on expert but the the lack of ATC especially on the us region makes it boring, but the training server is just that and people do troll and mess you up so is there a way to solve this???

Well, Expert is controlled by IFATC, which is an organization that has to undergo an extensive testing process before being allowed to control. This limits our numbers to about 500(ish). The amount of people who are available regularly is also small because not all of us can be online all the time.

In regards to not always being in the US, we have to stick to a weekly schedule. This allows people to discover new places. For example, todays featured airport is Helsinki. Not many people would fly there if we weren’t there, so it actually makes it much more fun!

The reason TS1 airports are always staffed is because they don’t require any training, and therefore anyone can come on at any time, with the only downside being that they’re horrible at what they do (well most of them at least…)

I hope this answers your questions :)


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