ATC on expert server at MYNN (ghosted)

I was at mynn airport and ready takeoff at runway 14 one ahead off me and he got take off clearance one plane landed and and i got lineup and wait then it took while and one plane was landing i got clearance for imediate take off and then cancel takeoff clearance and hold position then i stoped and plane landing got go around and i got ghosted what shoud i done

Look for the controller’s name in your logbook, and then PM him/her to discuss your report.

If you need help locating the controller, tell us who you were reported by and we’ll let you know who to contact.

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Just PM the controler for further explenations

If it was the tower controller, then it was @Liam_Kirk
For the approach controller, it was @RiKowalSkipper
Should be the tower controller for this. I’ve told him about this. He will PM you soon.


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