ATC on expert - ghosting

Maybe for the forst time even in flying for infinite flight for such a long time, ibwas ghosted by the ATC. Reason. After being controlled by approach for more than 20mins and adhering to all their instructions, i was directed towards the approch and at 4000 ft for landing. Due to controller change, new controller again redirected me away from the approach right before intercepting ILS. I replied with unable. And was ghosted. And this is not the first time I have faced this. All the “elite” governing member has been rude and condesending in past and all the virtual airways are made of such people.

While many of you can choose to disagree, it will not chage the fact for me.

I will be always thankful to infinite flight for giving flight sim experience on mobile and hats off to all the developers for their effort. Seems it is time to switch to other flight sim and platforms. And to those who feel my angst is because of one ghosting, get my history checked and see the number of violation in past few years. #openchallenge. This will not hurt infinite flight monetarily as its just one subscription, but will surely not extend it once it expires.

I wouldn’t call any IFATC “Hooligans”, they’re trained and they know what they’re doing. @Chris_Hoover can contact you to sort it out or you can PM him yourself!

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Apologies if the title is found in any offense. Am sure they are trained, but I fail to understand their action.

PM chris, and he will explain:) Only the controller can explain their actions as none of us where their. And none of us are the controller

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No worries, just maybe use a better choice of words, you can still change it. And you can contact him to understand what he said :D

I had the same problem pm them and they will tell you the reason 90 percent of the time their explanation will make sense

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Please send a message to @Chris_Hoover to get everything sorted 😊