ATC on bussier airport's

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I was just wondering if it would be possible to have 2 ATC tower persons working on bussy airports to help with control of airplanes because sometimes the airports gets bussy and flights get out of control and was just wondering if you can have maybe more ATC and Approach people for the bussier airports to help with keeping airports under control.

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Happens all the time on Expert on very busy airspaces.


Thank you for the reply and maybe on Training server aswell sometimes.

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No problem. I don’t know how that would be execute on TS. With the difficulty of ATC in Training Server already, that could be catastrophic.

It would cause conflict on the TS as they are not qualified to know what to do.

you can only control multiple frequency on Expert sever

We do this on the expert server as we are able to communicate with each other via slack, however in the training server you don’t have communication with other controllers.


The IFATC team is communicating via Slack during the session. With communication, it‘s possible to work together on one frequency (e.g. approach). Without communication that wouldn‘t be possible though. That‘s probably one reason why the TS doesn‘t have multiple frequencies.

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