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I was on approach to KDFW (Dallas) and I requested ATC for a ILS approach so they vectored me towards the ILS cone and then they seemed to ‘forget’ me because of this I entered the cone about halfway through. ATC then cleared me for a visual approach rather than the ILS approach I had previously asked for. I then had to perform a go around due to me being too high and then again asked for another ILS approach but like before I was cleared for a visual. I feel like this ATC controller was unprofessional. He kept asking me to turn headings that I was already flying. If this topic seems too dramatic and turns out the controller did a perfectly adequate job then please inform me.

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It may have been the controller being unprofessional, or it may have been a genuine case. ILS landings only really need to be used if it is foggy, or unclear. Maybe contact IFATC for a proper reason?

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The fact that you know you were to high may be the factor that ATC left you aside. Since you knew you were high, you should’ve announced a missed approach. Approach controllers sometimes have to deal with up to 50 planes at one time, and their work load can grow exponentially sometimes. It’s up to the pilot sometimes to decide what works best for them, but don’t forget, you should also listen to ATC. If you’d like more of an explaination, feel free to PM the controller about specifics. Thanks!

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Why ILS only during fog, isn’t it supposed to be the norm for any large bodied plane?

Was this on expert?

Yes,sorry I forgot to say!

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What was the controllers username?

And this should be in #support.

No this should not be in #support

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Pilothodge80 was the controller. He didn’t seem to be very professional as he kept asking me to turn headings that I was already flying.

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Contact @Pilothodge80 via PM and ask him.

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@Pilothodge80 Is the controller, you can send him a DM and he will respond at his earliest convenience. At this point, there is no use in guessing what may have happened as only you and him have a full account of the session, so he is the only one able to elucidate the situation completely :)

If he really was that bad, then @Tyler_Shelton should revoke his ifatc.

@Pilothodge80 is one of the few irl airline pilots on the sim…l think he is more than qualified to be an IFATC


But look at the screenshot’s atc messages.

You should abstain on making comments about IFATC on a public forum it should be done by PM or ask a moderator


If it’s severe clear out, day or night, you’re gonna be cleared visual. You dont even have to really be vectored to intercept final to be cleared visual.

That doesn’t mean you can’t fly the ILS, it just means it is VFR out and ATC isn’t going to waste radio time back and forth putting you on and clearing you for an instrument approach, especially if the airport is busy. The only cases where it would be normal would be at airports with crazy approaches or terrain, etc.
Anyway, when cleared visual, go ahead and load the ILS and fly it, just not all the way down to minimums. If it’s clear out you should be looking outside for the most part anyway when landing, unless you just wanna do it for practice.

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This should not be in support

PM the controller if you have any questions. He’s been notified.

@OrcaKid - just a tip:
Before claiming someone is unprofessional for IFATC (approach) based on the commands in the screenshot, it might be prudent to read the commands in the screenshot as they’re clearly for the ground frequency.