Atc on advanced dropping connection but still reported me

Strange thing happened to me, I was at KLCY with no ATC so used unicom for taxiing to runway 27. Whilst taxiing ATC connected on ground only, warning me to wait for taxi clearance, as I did. Whilst I wanted to connect afterwards to tower, only Unicom was available so continued taxi to beginning of RW27. Although on my device neither tower nor approach were online, I got reported twice! By no ATC…due to this I was dropped down to level 2 instead of 3 therefore not allowed to join FNF tonight. I also don’t know, who reported me, since no ATC was shown on my device, only Unicom…very annoying! Anyone had this before? Knows how to solve the problem with the level? I disconnected after I was reported. Of course, I could have disconnected earlier, but since Unicom was only visible, I thought I’d be all right. Sometimes ATC on advanced might be understanding that if someone is informing their status and actions on Unicom it might be due to a glitch, I personally think the unknown controller could have responded more hesitant in this case, my impression is, he could have notices something too, since the only instruction he gave me was followed correctly. Bit frustrated to be honest…

Fell kinda sorry for you after that…

PS: I think you were at EGLC as KLCY doesn’t exist :-)

you’re right, EGLC… LCY was on my mind, anyway

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@Jan_Takman, I sent you a PM, about the situation.

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