ATC Observers

Just Curious if IFN has ATC observers… I noticed a Call Sign ATC COPS, is this a troll or an actual observer thanks


I imagine it’s someone random.


What server was this on?

ATC COPS isn’t probably a troll, but another annoying callsign that you’ll have to dream with. Unless he/she is messing around and/or not following instructions we don’t have much control over it.

TS I am working EGLL Right now

In this case, it’s most likely a troll. Best to just ignore him 🙂

Also at LAX when I assume TSATC is working, you will see a F-16 holding between runway 25L & 25R with the callsign “TSATC IS RECORDING YOU” 😂

Edit: Switched ‘WATCHING’ to ‘RECORDING’.

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Yeah he’s just sitting in front of 27L for the past hour 😂


He’s got 201000 XP as well lol

That’s common, some people like to sit at an airport and just observe/record ATC commands/behavior.

I believe it may be TSATC looking for possible recruits but that’s just my theory.

Looks like someone was doing the Lords work today at Heathrow 🤣

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If I saw him on Expert he could join his employer 👻

(There’s, um, plenty of ramp space at Heathrow.)


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