ATC observations

Hi all and I hope this gets to the developers team. I have been ATC at my home airport CYUL for some time now as well as my other favourite airports and I have been noticing that with the recent upgrade especially the 777 that pilots have a tendency to leave doors and or cargo doors open when taxing or flying and I don’t have any way of advising them to check their aircraft before moving to the runway. Do you think there could be a way for the IF developers to add in the “other messages” category a line saying “check all doors” or something like that to make it look more realistic hope to hear back soon


Sometimes is not the pilot’s fault. This is a known glitch :)

@Alec made a feature request with the intention on preventing the pilots to push back with the doors open. This should prevent flights with the doors open

Edit: Check @Mukundan_Srivatsa’s post :)

Unfortunately I believe that is a glitch in the game ive noticed it as well and I believe the devs are aware of it

Yeah it’s a glitch. There’s also this request if you’re interested:

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