ATC not working

Good afternoon, for the passed three (3) days when I contact ATC I’m not hearing anything on my device.

I have to pay attention to the words being displayed on the top of my screen for ATC instruction.

I deleted and reinstalled the game and I’m still experiencing the same problem.

What device and software are you flying on?

I’m using iPhone XR

is your device on silent?

No it’s not I started to experience this lately. I would hear ATC for pushback but after that I cannot hear them.

weird… (10)

I’ve had this issue before but it fixed itself once I restarted the app. Have you already tried doing a hard reset on your device?

I have a hunch: when that happens, go to app settings, during flight, and tap on the voices you have selected and go back to flight. Let me know if this fixes it.

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Maybe try clearing cache, but idk 😅

Are you on the iOS 17 beta? I’ve got the same issue and its only started since I downloaded the iPadOS beta a few days ago

I’m using ios17 beta but this happened like three days before I downloaded it.

I will try this.

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