ATC not working

When trying to control a tower at any airport (I have tried many knowing no one else is on it) it will load but put me in observer mode. This is in the training server and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Any ideas?

That just means some one else is currently controlling that airport.

If this on training server, people usually rush to get a spot especially if it is big airports such as JFK or LHR.

If you are put in “Observer mode”, it’s because someone is already occupying that frequency.
Try another airport or frequency and you should be able to control.


I am trying airports like Roanoke VA and small island airports that no one is on.

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Can you fly perfectly fine without any connection issues? I know sometimes you will get the observer for a bit if you have poor connection when you initially open the freq


Flying seems to be fine. I can connect to ATC and everything else. Just happens when I’m trying to control ATC. It started this afternoon after the game crashed.

Try restarting your device and your internet. Might seem random but it’s worth a try.

Thank you. I will give it a try. The API and Live server are good (green check) while I’m trying to do this. I will reset everything again and wait until tomorrow. Thanks for the replies!

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Yeah let us know. Very bizarre, hopefully it works. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏼

UPDATE… I reset my internet, restored my iPhone from a cloud update that was prior to this issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times. Logged in and out multiple times. When I try to use ATC it just shows a screen similar to tower view. It is not on any airports that people are getting to right before me. I have tried this at airports no one has ever heard of. any more ideas of how to fix this? Thanks!

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Have you tried clearing cache?

Under setting clear scenery cache? I have done that. Is there another way to do it outside of the app?

What device are you using?

Iphone 6s+
I have been using ATC for a while now including after the newest update without a problem.
Online flights work fine

I’m going to assume this means the newest Infinite Flight update

Also, what iOS software are you running?

sorry yes, newest IF update. I am also running ios 11 with no update available on my phone. Just looked to make sure.

Hi there.
Seems like you are also experiencing this issue as well as me:

Hey, that is the exact same thing that is happening to me. I’m wondering if it is a server issue that will work itself out in a few days or maybe something needs to be reset that I’m not aware of.

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We’re looking into it… Sorry for the delay!


Just checked it and my atc started working today. Thanks for all the tips and help!