ATC Not Working

I’ve noticed a few times that my atc isn’t working. I select the appropriate sector/channel and try to request an approach or call inbound for landing and the controller doesn’t hear me.
Obviously I then get the “you’re in an active airspace” admonishment but I’m trying to contact. Any thoughts?

There are known issues where certain aircraft will bug out on specific flights, or the air traffic controller will have an issue where they do not appear on the frequency, in which case they will restart their session to fix the issue. This does happen to everyone from time to time.
If this is happening to you frequently then this may be a different issue

If happening frequently, check your wifi or cellular. Try the other if one is not working.

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If this only happened once, try just force closing IF, and reboot it.

If this keeps happening each time you fly, let us know.

Tip* Only make a support request if you’ve done all that you can (restart IF, restart device, reinstall IF, etc.), and the issue is reproducible.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. It’s happening frequently. I’ve done all that you suggested. Thanks
again for the help! Sounds like it’s a
Known issue.

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