ATC not working on Mulitplayer

Hello I was trying to play as the ATC on multiplayer but it keeps saying “controller mode access is restricted on this server, check knowledge page for information” there are no topics reviewing this, can anyone help me

You were either on the free flight or advanced server. Make sure you select “Playground Server” first, then try doing ATC.

Thank you very much and how do you gain XP I need 5’000 to do ATC

To gain XP you have to fly. Take a small military aircraft or Cessna and do patterns at a small airfield. Flight time and touch & go’s are the best way to improve XP.

You need to fly more on live.

Only fly and you will get more XP. Make sure to dont break rules in the advanced server so you will get more XP also when you complete your flight plan you will get more XP for landing and takoffing.
But if you want to become a official ATC just take the test but in free flight server no ones can use ATC And in the advanced server on Official ATC members can use it but all people can use the ATC in the ATC Playground