ATC not utilising runways

I’m at approach in New Orleans and for some bizarre reason ATC is acting as if it’s a single runway airport, cramming all arrivals (a lot of them) and all departures (around 7 waiting for takeoff). They’re only using runway 29 and completely ignoring the existence of runway 20. Someone fix this please as it is VERY inefficient.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Using one runway as a hub simply doesn’t work

Runway 20 is only 7000ft which is a really only long enough for the A320/737 or smaller ON LANDING.

So it isn’t particularly useful to IFATC.


Using both runways for landing is essentially impossible at KMSY.


And for takeoff as well - virtually impossible given the length of RWY20.

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yeah so they should use 20 for landing and 29 for takeoff

That only works for small aircraft. There are lots of 777s around. And before you say that 777s can’t fit into KMSY - they can.

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Not possible. People would line up at the hold short line where traffic from 20 needs to cross.

I think 7008ft Enough length to land.

It’s enough, barely. But that’s not the problem— it’s the use of 29 that makes it useless.

Yes for A320s and 737s. Anything larger than that is risky.

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IFATC, as always, has a well thought out plan with a lot of input from controllers and pilots alike. It will be constantly monitored to see if any changes need to be made, but with the 777 still being the most prevalent plane, 20 is tough to use. The taxiway design also makes KMSY a difficult airport to use both runways at.


Essentially impossible - 777s ideally need more than 7000ft.

Oh yeah - and that’s an issue as well.


Let’s clean up here. Runways 29 and 20 right now cannot be used at the same time.

  1. Takeoffs for 20 have to cross 29 anyway
  2. 20 is a short runway and not suitable for the majority of aircraft currently around
  3. The taxiway layout is not ideal.
  4. Landings on 20 will have to use the same taxiway aircraft will use to get to 29 (and 20)
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Let me explain visually:

Traffic taking off 29 waits on the red line. Traffic exiting 20 (purple line) needs to utilize the same taxiway.


Then they will clash together. The aircraft exiting and those waiting for takeoff.


Every problem has a solution, guys.

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I 100% agree with you but the simple reason is that people want there airport to be busy and because of that they just take people to only one RW of this was on Training Server.

Blake USA_ATC Founder

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Well unfortunately in this case - there isn’t an obvious efficient solution.

IFATC don’t particularly have a choice because of the points outlined above.

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Also, I was a controller before this. We indeed used 29 for TO and 20 for landings. However, we used it when it was not busy at all and it still caused conflict on the main taxiway. This will probably work with airports with 2 parallel runways.