ATC Not Switching

Anyone else notice that when you select (or get handed off to) a new freq (e.g. Approach to tower) that the atc window shows that you’ve switched freqs but the freq doesn’t actually switch?

Example, I was just on the Training server at EGLL. EGLL approach was active and EGLL tower was active. I was talking to EGLL approach and switched to EGLL tower but kept hearing approach and could not advise inbound on the 27L ILS to tower. Tower kept telling me I was in an active airspace and probably thought I was some sort of newbie.

Anyone else experience this?


Yea it’s a known issue FDS is working on.


Great thanks. Figured FDS knew about it.

Thanks for the report. I have added this to the official bug list.

I just don’t understand how i will be ghosted just like that when my weather service actually went blank and it wasn’t my Fault The wicked London Approach controller just ghosted me just like that and made a grade 2 after a long flight from Boston ro London. Very wicked after all the money and data I spend.

Please contact the controller and discuss with him about the situation.

@2FLY Weather service of pilots is something that means nothing to ATC. If you were ghosted on the expert server please PM the controller or if you need assistance PM me and we can help track down your expert server ghosting.

Additionally pleas avoid hijacking other users threads on an unrelated topic. The original topic had nothing to do with weather it ghosting. If you have an issue that needs addressed please start your own topic after searching to make sure one does not exist.

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