ATC not responding

Look at this. Problem is that he (or she) did respond to others but not me:

ATC was British Airways

Idk why it’s heppening, try select other frequency (try unicom) and back on to that frequency not responding. May resolve issues.

I’m gonna guess that this is on the training server, if it is, that’s pretty normal. There’s nothing we can do about the training server.

Excuse me, except it is the free flight the ATC need to control fairly. Can’t ignore anyone unless they have acceptable reasons.

Yup. Training server

Yeah, they should be controlling fairly. But the training server is more laid back, so there are gonna be tons of mistakes and stuff like this.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, just another bad atc on training server. Pretty common now. I would recommend flying on the expert server when you get a chance.