ATC not responding

I am currently at EDDM for the FNF and I noticed that the ATC did not respond to anyone for a full 5 minutes and when he/she finally did, they only responded to the other pilot who was active on the channel. There are currently three people there and for some reason he is only responding to one pilot and when I ask for taxi he does not listen. Finishing this post has taken a further 5 minutes, it has now been 10 minutes and no response by Meunchen ground. please help! I am now facing the same problem at tower frequency what is happening and how do i fix my experience?

Alright the problem is now resolved, he is online again but in the future what should I do?

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I don’t really know. Best I know is just wait until their internet comes back, if it is their internet.

I am now facing the same problem at tower frequency

Hey I had this problem yesterday too it could be the infinite flight servers when to many people are in one region. For me it’s help to restart your device and infinite flight, or wait a bit after 1 h yesterday it works for me from alone. I hope that’s help 😉🙂

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How do we know if it’s the controllers internet?

@THEREALBKG how strong is your internet connection? If you are doing a long haul and don’t want to risk not getting ATC service elsewhere too, I would just back out of the flight and reboot your router and device.

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In my opinion it is a server problem

Resume own navigation, yet safely!

hey guys, it turned out to be a bug in the controller’s app, thanks for your support though!

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I still have this, at London Center I the controller said contact the frequency, but I was tuned in, then I left and tuned and then it works

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