ATC not responding

Does anyone know who IFATC Haspro is on the IFC he’s controlling now, and not responding.

I have been flying HDG60 for the past half and hour and the traffic looks fine, it would be appreciated if you find him so I can take this to the PMs.

I’ll let him know for you

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@Haspro is your guy, he’s active in IFATC chat at the moment

Can you get Kalr McDonkey to contact me as well? i had an issue with him as well at ENGM earlier


Thanks Luke. Much appreciated.

I’m flying out of his airspace, still nothing.

He said that it is some sort of a connection issue,
But he’s still controlling

He’ll PM you after he finishes controlling :)

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Any idea what I’m supposed to do? I’m just flying and not changing my HDG in fear of getting ghosted.

You have a connection issue, restart the flight (I’m sorry if it a long flight). There nothing you can do now.

ATCs currently have an issue with disappearing aircraft(s), this could be a possible reason why. PM @Haspro for further information


My Connecting looks perfectly fine, I’m done PMing him @Adam_Williams, Thanks! I’m on my way back now…

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I had a small problem with the ATC aswell regarding spacing… I was on final with the IFSFG group and he reported me for not taking instructions but he cleared me land No.5 but if I was to goto the start of the glidescope I would’ve been obstructing other aircraft inbound so I turned right base like he asked for 19R when I saw at least 20nm spacing before the aircraft behind also going for 19R and not only that he asked me to go around prior to this making right traffic into an aircraft on final for 19L that was bedside me… There was aprox 4nm spacing between five aircraft on the glidescopes in pairs with two inbound from left downwind turning base so what can I do here? Is it my error also? I was told his name was Connor and it was aprox an hour ago…

No, it’s been effecting controllers for awhile, it’s being addressed by the developers as it’s a known issue.


Thanks for reaching out! As mentioned in our PM, we are facing connection issues leading to a lot of disapearing aircrafts, we cannot see and contact you anymore.
Sorry about that, the development team should resolve it soon!

Happy landings


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