ATC not responding to anyone

What’s the protocol when you’ve been requesting pushback for 14 minutes along with many others during active atc (expert) and they’re not answering anyone at all?

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Do you know who was on ATC at that time?

Hi, You must have been unknown to the ATC, this is most likely due to connection issues between you or the controller, A simple app restart should do the trick.

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He is not responding to anyone. MSP right now

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He finally just signed off

It looks like he’s not responding. On liveflightapp, everyone’s at the gate. The person on ATC might have a bad connection.

Looks like the ATC was AFK, he was booted off due to him receiving requests and not answering to them.
In case this happens again just be patient and cope with it until the controller is either:
A: Comes back and responds, or…
B: Is booted by the system.


I feel like there should be a report button for ATC just like for people… and if enough people push it, ATC gets a timeout

Expert ATC is constantly reviewed in terms of quality. I suspect there is an underlying reason behind this, but we will have to wait for ATC mods.

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There is an automated system where if a controller doesn’t respond in a set amount of time they are kicked from their frequency and if they wish to control once more they must wait 60 seconds to get into the frequency again. Feel free to make a feature request in #features If you would like that to be implemented, have a great evening :).


You were likely appearing as unknown meaning ATC couldn’t contact you. The only thing you can really do which will definitely work is exit the flight.

OP said he wasn’t responding to anyone at all.
AFK Controller, cant do much about that :(

@Matthew_Brittain you should just PM him (Zach Hazen I think it is) and continue the conversation there.

This is not the issue where I’m not appearing. There are 15ish aircraft that have been trying to contact him and he keeps getting booted off and then logging back in. Not responding to anyone. If he’s having device issues, stop trying to get on here. 25 minutes now and I can’t get anywhere. I feel like just going but that’s what training server is like

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And it’s on the expert server correct? Do you know the controllers name?
That’s not going to be a pleasant experience at all. I totally agree.


I think it was Zach Hazen. Expert for sure


That would be @Zach_Hazen. I suggest you PM him.


That controller had issues opening, sending messages etc it’s unfortunate but he was trying to provide a service and after the release of Global there are still some issues particularly when controlling so all I can say is try your best to work with each other, controllers and pilots may be suffering due to issues. Have a good evening :)



@Matthew_Brittain Yes I was the ATC at MSP and there is a connection issue going on. I was giving clearances as I was receiving them and for some reason, no aircraft were getting my messages. I’m sorry this happened to you and it has already been brought up to the staff to try to get resolved. If you have any questions feel free to PM me!