ATC not replying

FROM past two days ATC is not replying me to any pushback ,taxi ???
One thing that i can guess is that nowadays my internet is slow. So is it related to this or problem is something else?

Hello what airports are you at. Does it show a controller at that position or does it say Unicom. Also if let’s say a controller is at tower but you send something to ground they would not be able to receive that message.

I was at london heathrow and yes it was showing controller.

I am not really sure then. If a controller was showing to be on the frequency you were on then if there is a bug/ glitch with the system or the controller is busy either with traffic or with something is their personal life such as eating and they did not disconnect.

Is the green checkmark at the top right showing anything? How busy are the airports you are at? How long are you waiting?

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Is this on the expert server?

If you are
Press the headphone button (bottom left)
Then at the top left of the black box you should see the controllers name. I’d recommend reaching out to them to see if they received your request for pushback and taxi.

Sometimes this happens to me. I don’t think it’s the controllers fault. It’s an issue of your requests not being transmitted.

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It’s a little bit tricky to figure out what’s going on here since you are not providing enough details, now you mentioned a possible connection failure that’s what we all will aim for.

As an additional information I’d like to know if you are only experimenting this on Expert Server or if your issue remains through them.

This is gonna be dumb but, did you make sure you have an estable connection? or the airport where you were at has been busy?

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It might be that then…

No everything was fine but i know my internet was little bit lagging. Otherwise airport was not as much busy

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No no i was on training server

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Hmmm it might be that

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I was on training server and yes my internet was disconnected and then connected again and again. But airport was not busy

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Hold on, you disconnect your Wi-Fi manually?

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You where on Training Server! Then you should not tell that IFATC is not responding, we are not allowed to work on the Training Server so this has nothing to do with IFATC

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It’s either a connection issue or the controller doesn’t want to respond to you as this is the training server.

No it was lagging itself it was conncecting and disconnecting again and again

Ok… but actually three days back training server was replying me thats why i was confused that why it is not replying now.

Yes it might be that…

Had this exact same problem, I got impatient and took off and now I’m banned for a week.